Becoming a better editor with Beth Scorzoto

May 11, 2017

This week’s show features Beth Scorzato, freelance editor, and maker of cool things. I’ve known Beth since she moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, and she was on my list of people I’ve wanted on the show since the beginning. Here’s her bio, straight from

I'm originally from Connecticut, where I grew up in theater, surrounded by the workings of my mother's costume shop, a local business which started in our basement. I thought I'd be in theater forever, but I fell in love with comics during college at SUNY Purchase, where I earned my BA in Journalism. I continued to study publishing at Pace University, where I earned my MS in Book and Magazine Publishing.

Since then I've worked at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Papercutz Graphic Novels, and Lion Forge Comics, as well as boutique YA literary development house Paper Lantern Lit. Currently, in addition to my freelance work, I am a partner and Editor-in-Chief at GeekChic Comics.

I moved to Los Angeles from NYC in 2014 and yes, the weather is great. And, after all that, I still work in theater on the side anyway.

Best is one of the few editors I know who doesn’t have a burning desire to write as well. She really loves editing and it comes through in everything she talks about in this episode. Listen to this episode if you want to know:

  • What makes a good freelancer
  • The biggest problems Beth finds when hiring freelance writers and artists
  • Why knowing the whole supply chain is critical to your success
  • Why prior success as a creator is important to whether a company will hire you
  • What you should look for when hiring an editor
  • Why editors are so important

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