How to build a rabid audience from scratch

June 1, 2017

This week I’m bringing you a live workshop I did at Wyrdcon 2017 about how to build an audience from scratch. This is the holy grail, people. There is no point in making things if you don’t have an audience to buy it, unless you really don’t want people responding to your work. Since every artist I’ve ever met wants more people to respond to their work, it’s critically important that we are able to talk about building an audience.

There is an audience from literally everything on the planet, and if you can find yours, then you can start to make money on your art.

Here’s the description of my panel, straight from the Wyrdcon website:

Whether you are an author, and artist, a game designer, or a baker, you need an audience to buy your product. Building an audience is the critical factor that grows your business. Without it, your business can't become sustainable. Join Russell Nohelty, publisher of Wannabe Press and host of The Business of Art podcast, as he breaks down audience building and makes it attainable for everybody. 

The last part of that description is the most important in my opinion because this panel is all about making the process of building an audience attainable for everybody.

Listen to this episode if you want to find out:

-The five steps you must follow in order to build a rabid fanbase

-How to find your ideal client avatar

-Why you need to figure out your audience before you go looking for them

-Where to look for your ideal audience online

…and much more.

Hope you enjoy it.


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