How to Have a Rosy Outlook on Comics with Emet Comics publisher Maytal Gilboa

January 12, 2017

Maytal Gilboa is the founder and publisher of Emet Comics and Rosy Press. Since she just acquired Rosy Press, I wanted to have her on in order to discuss why she bought the press, along with her massively successful Kickstarter for Finding Molly. Besides that, she's a wealth of business knowledge. Here is the description of EMET comics, straight from their Wikipedia page.

Emet Comics is the independent comic book publishing division of Emet Entertainment, LLC, an American graphic novel publisher and entertainment company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, United States. The Emet Comics publishing line is focused on empowering female creators and storytellers in comics

Emet Comics was founded in 2015 by Maytal Gilboa an ex-animation executive who recognized a void in the comic book community when it came to content with a female point of view. During Emet Comics first two years, the company has enjoyed many successes. In their first year, the company’s title Zana by Jean Barker and Joey Granger, a fictional story about apartheid in a future South Africa, was nominated for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics.Also, in their first year, the company sold their title The Wendy Project by Melissa Jane Osborne and Veronica Fish, to Papercutz for English language distribution, and to Editoria Oceana for Spanish Language distribution.[4]

In November 2016, the company announced the purchase of Rosy Press, a romance comics publisher focused on diverse stories about love and relationships. Emet announced that they would be continuing Rosy Press's successful Fresh Romance series as both a webcomic and printed graphic novel series.

Maytal is a powerhouse in indie comics and one of the few people who loves the business side of things as much as me. It was incredible to listen to how Maytal has pivoted her business in the last year, and how she thinks of her books as marketing material. I love how she is going about moving into 2017, and what she plans to do with her company in the near future.

What was really interesting to me was the reasoning behind her purchase of Rosy Press. Rosy is a romance comic book company, and Maytal said she bought the company because she refused to let it die because it was too important.

For those of you that don’t know, Rosy Press’s publisher announced she was shuttering the company, and a few weeks later resurfaced to announce Emet Comics’s acquisition. It’s truly a fascinating story, and one I enjoyed hearing immensely. It’s actually a great case study in how to acquire a company.

Throughout the interview, Maytal talked in detail about her exact marketing plan, along with how she repackaged many of her books for more success. She talked about what she will and won’t be bringing back to her next Kickstarter, and the struggles with having too many rewards.

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