Live @ APE: How to Build an Audience from Stratch with Gwendolyn Dreyer and Norm Harper

October 13, 2016

This past week I put together another How to Build an Audience from Scratch panel for Alternative Press Expo 2016. While this is the same title as my panel from Long Beach Comic Con, I promise the information is very different. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could do this panel 20 times a year and get different information from every single one.

Of course, that’s because I keep mixing up the panelist. This time we have Gwendolyn Dreyer, business manager of editor of Monster Elementary (; @monsterelem on twitter), and Norm Harper, publisher of Karate Petshop (; @karatepetshop on twitter).

I specifically brought in Norm and Gwen because they are very different than my last panelists. Norm is a new publisher who has been in business for only one year. So we talked about how he is going about building an audience from scratch right now, today. His insights are very different than Gwen’s, who has been working on Monster Elementary for several years. Since she is not a publisher, her insights come from a singular product point of view. While they have multiple volumes of Monster Elementary, they are focused on a single product instead of a line of products.

Both Norm and Gwen gave fantastic insights on what they would do if they could wipe the slate clean and start again. Our conversation was very focused on new creators getting started today, but the tactics, tips, and strategies we talk about can be used for anybody at any stage of their career.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Gwen and Norm!



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