Live at Palm Springs Comic Con: The Writer’s Journey with Justin Kirkman

December 13, 2016

Palm Springs Comic Con asked me to participate on four panels this year. This was the first one of the weekend, where I talked about the Writer’s Journey with Justin Kirkman from Cali Comics (; @JustinJKirkman). You might recognize the last name from a previous episode. Justin’s wife, Melissa, moderated my panel on Kickstarting comics and book, which you can listen to here.  

Justin and I handled this panel as more of a Q and A discussion. We wanted to see where the audience was and then speak to that. It was a small, intimate group and they were very vocal about where they wanted to go with their careers, along with what was causing them problems. We talked about topics ranging from world building to where to focus your attention, and how finishing things can help improve your writing.

Justin launched his first slate of books through his publishing company, Cali Comics, at the show, so it was great to hear from somebody really just starting out on the journey of having physical products while having me to ground everything with a little more seasoned comments. 

Looking back, I probably dominated this panel more than I would have liked, but overall I think it's a great overview on how to build a world and set out on the journey of becoming a professional writer. 

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