Live @ LACC: How to Build an Audience even if you don’t have a product…yet

November 10, 2016

This is the second live episode I recorded straight from the How to Build an Audience even if you don’t have a product…yet panel I moderated at Los Angeles Comic Con.

For this panel, we had Bryant Dillon (; @comicbookslayer on Twitter, Joie Foster (www.heyjoiecomics; @joieart on twitter, Mom (; @momcomics on twitter), Lynly Forrest (; @hexcomix on twitter) and Neo Edmund (; @neoedmund1 on twitter).

Each and every member of this panel have launched products successfully in different ways, and it was a treat to hear them all talk about their experiences. Bryant through founding a press website. Mom through founding a community. Neo through networking and social media. Lynly through shows. Joie through connections.

I loved hearing each of their experiences and how unique they were. However, it ended up at the same place as before. Don’t be a dick and make sure your networking game is strong.

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