Live @ LBCC: How to Crush it On Kickstarter Workshop

September 26, 2016

This weekend at LBCC, I finally got my ish together and recorded all my panels. I moderated one, I was one of two guests on another, and the third was a workshop. I’m going to release them all because most of you weren’t in these panels and I want to make sure you can extract as much value as possible from them.

The first one I’m releasing is my Crush it on Kickstarter workshop. This was just me and a few devotees. I believe there was seven or eight people in total, so we were really able to dig deep. Instead of my previous workshops, I abandoned the slide show and improvised. I never thought I could have gone off script earlier this year. However, in expanding my mission into all business, and having this podcast, I was able to explain how to use Kickstarter to launch your career and use it as Business 101 for creatives.

I learned business through Kickstarter. It gave me the knowledge to understand marketing. Then, I grew from it. I still use Kickstarter as a piece of my business, but it’s not my whole business. That’s what we talk about in this panel. I use Kickstarter to cite how business really works. We get into some amazing mindset stuff in this panel along with practical advice on when to launch, how to launch, and how to use Kickstarter as a building block into creating an amazing business in the arts.

I hope you enjoy this panel. Let me know what you think. If you like it, subscribe on itunes, stitcher, google play, or anywhere else you get podcasts. We have some amazing stuff coming up that you don’t want to miss out. While you are there, leave us a review so we can help more people.


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