The First name in creator owned Comics with Preacher Executive Producer Ken Levin

June 8, 2017

This week on the show is another live show, but it's not a panel or a workshop. This panel is a spotlight panel with Ken Levin, founder of First Comics in both the 80s and during its relaunch in 2011. 

Ken started First Comics in a world that only knew Marvel and DC, and he entered the scene as one of the first champions of creator rights that led directly and indirectly to the creation of Image Comics, and the industry as we see it today. 

Of course, that's only one of Ken's claims to fame. Ken is also the lawyer behind every big comic creator from Neil Gaiman to Garth Ennis and beyond. He's been an executive producer and producer on almost every relevant comic book movie since the early 2000s, most notably Preacher, the amazing series from AMC. 

So the City of Indio's Fantasia Comic Con brought me in as a moderator to ask Ken some questions, and let me tell you, this was the easiest moderation panel I've ever done. Ken could have talked for another six hours straight without another word from me. 

If you ever wanted to know about the history of independent comics, how to turn a comic book into a movie, or anything else that's happened in comics since the early 80s, this is the panel for you. 

If you like this episode, go find Ken at a show (he doesn't do a lot of social media), and check out First Comic's books. They are awesome. They put out Zen: The Intergalactic Ninja, several books from the Yuan Twins, and much more. 

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