The Stranger things about running a comics company with Niobe creator Sebastian Jones

June 22, 2017

This episode showcases my dear friend Sebastian Jones, whose company Stranger Comics is seeing the type of explosive growth you hope for every company run by good people. With their message of inclusion, focus on fantastic stories, and 20 year journey to bring the world of Asunda onto the world stage, Stranger went from tabling next to me with one book and a couple of kid’s books and one graphic novel two years ago to getting massive 10”x20” corner booths and blowing out the type of sales numbers that would put your jaw on the ground.

Along the way, Sebastian has kept humble and focused. We had an amazing talk with ranged from creating worlds to selling at shows to building an audience over time, to handling scaling rapidly, and even what it’s like co-writing with Amandla Stenberg, who played Rue in the Hunger Games movies.

This is one of those interviews you don’t want to end because you have hundreds of unanswered questions, and every answer led to a dozen follow-ups, but what Seb shared was amazing, and I hope you will check out his new Kickstarter for Niobe: She is Life, which closes just a couple of days after this goes live. They’ve already passed $50,000 and their first OGN was one of the best I’ve ever read.

Listen to this episode is you want to learn:

-How to build a new world over more than 20 decades

-What most fantasy authors get wrong when writing their books

-The most important thing about building a shared universe

-The secret to finding a rabid audience and keep them coming back for more

-What Sebastian would do differently to cut years off his struggle to get where he is today

-The method Seb uses to get massive publicity for his launches

You can find Stranger comics on all the major platforms @strangercomics. Make sure to check out Niobe: She is Life on Kickstarter today by clicking here.

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