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A deep dive into giveaways

November 9, 2017




This week I still can't even with things. I'm just...numb to it all.  So…I again just didn’t have time to record a new thing. Instead, I’m sharing the audio from a live video I did on my Facebook group page, Authors and Creators Making Money Selling Books.

Facebook group link

In this live video, I do a deep dive into giveaways, since I'm running my second one...and it's WAY more successful than the first one already! Check it out!

Giveaway link

This time I took my own advice and gave something more people would want, but still niche enough to define my audience. 

If you like it, maybe join the group. Or don’t.

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If I'm up to it, I'll be back with something new next week. If not...well there are things to put up. I'm prepared for the end. 

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