Live @ SCVCC - How to Make a Career as an Artist with Dave Olbrich, Bobby Timony, and JD Correa

October 6, 2016

This past weekend I was asked to moderate a panel at Santa Clarita Valley Comic Con ( about how to make a career as an artist with panelists JD Correa (@jdcorreasketchart on Instagram), Bobby Timony ( @BTimony on Twitter), and Dave Olbrich (; @DaveOlbrich on Twitter)

This was a great combination of talents. Bobby works on comic books as far ranging as Monster Elementary for Space Goat and the Simpsons. JD Correa does a ton of prints and sketch covers, and Dave has worked on the publishing side for 30 years with the likes of Malibu Comics. Together, this panel combined three very different viewpoints on what it takes to make a career as an artist.

This panel shows there is not one way to make it. There are tons of ways to have a sustaining and fulfilling career as an artist. At one point I ask everybody what one tip they would tell their former selves to cut a year off getting to where they are now. Their answers are both profound and funny.

We also talked about how to keep getting work, how to network better, and several secrets of success. As with all my panels, I tried to give the panelists equal time, and they worked well bouncing off each other. Because their careers have been so different it was great to see the insights each person brought to the table.

I learned a ton of valuable information from the panelists, but it really boiled down to two things. I would ruin what they are, but if you can just accomplish two things, as learned in this panel, you can survive as an artist.

Like I say at the beginning, this isn’t about a shortcut. Being an artist is a brutal struggle. Honestly, even when you “make it” there is still massive struggle. All this panel tries to do is figure out how to cut a little bit of time off your struggling.

I think we accomplished that. I hope you enjoy it.


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