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Having a Young Justice for art with animation director Vinton Heuck

July 6, 2017

Today’s episode is all about animation. I talk with animation director Vinton Heuck about his career trajectory, working up from a storyboard cleanup artist on X-Men and Spider-Man to an animation director on Young Justice season three.

I actually met Vinton without having any idea his resume. We were at a small convention called San Fernando Comic Con last December, and he was showing off his new book Mabigon, an original epic fantasy tale with Arthurian legend tones. We talked for a while during the show, and I friended him on Facebook later.

Then, a few months later they did the show again, and I was talking with Larry Houston, one of the directors of that seminal 90s X-Men cartoon, and he was talking about working with Vinton, and I said, hold up, the Mabigon guy?? That led me down the rabbit hole of asking Vinton all about his past and finding out he’s got a resume as long as my art.

We got to be friendly enough for me to ask him to come on the show and talk about his experience in animation, from a kid in Washington trying to work in comics (and getting a shot at drawing Green Hornet back when Now Comics owned the license), to driving down to Los Angeles to work for Saban on Captain America and Silver Surfer, to bouncing around Sony on Jackie Chan Adventures and Godzilla, until he finally found a home at Warner Brothers on The Batman show from the early 2000s, eventually rising to become an animation director on season 5.

Along the way, he’s worked with DC comics and made his own comics. If you’ve ever wanted to track an animation director’s career, Vinton gives a deep dive on exactly his step by step process to getting where he is today.

Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

  • The step-by-step of how Vinton went from living in Washington working as a security guard to directing Young Justice.
  • The secrets to surviving in animation for 20 years.
  • Why it’s so important to remain positive
  • Why success is all about perseverance
  • What he would tell himself to cut years off his career struggles
  • What he did right in his career to make him the artist he is today.

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