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How to be an Abundant Artist with Marketing Expert Cory Huff

August 9, 2017

Cory Huff is a marketing expert that specifically works with burgeoning artists and creative entrepreneurs through his association The Abundant Artist. I wanted to have him on the show to talk specifically about how to approach art from a mindset and marketing perspective.

I have found in my career that mindset trumps everything, and it’s the thing that artists have the hardest time overcoming. If they can overcome their mindset issues and become comfortable with money, then they can create a thriving company and dispel the idea of the starving artist.

Cory is great at that. Here a bio, straight from his site

In 2009 I started The Abundant Artist (TAA for short) as a way of teaching internet marketing to my artist friends who were asking me for help. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of artists go from never sold anything to now selling pieces monthly or weekly. Some of my artist friends and clients have gone on to sell their work for $20,000 or more.

I teach artists to dispel the starving artist myth by using the Web to sell art directly to your fans. If you want to get into a gallery or museum, the marketing skills I teach can help you do that. Building your own business online can be complementary to a gallery business for the right artists and galleries.

 Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

-What is holding artists up from having a successful career.

-How Picasso became successful during his life while Van Gogh struggled

-How to get out of your own way and achieve success

-What you can do to prove yourself wrong every day

-How to have a better relationship with money

And much more.

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