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How to produce an amazing podcast with To the Best of Our Knowledge producer Mark Reichers

March 31, 2020

I met Mark Reichers at Podcast Evolutions in February. He's one of several past and upcoming guests I've had on from that conference, which ended up being one of my last conferences of the year as things are working out right now. Mark is the digital producer for the radio show and podcast To the Best of Our Knowledge. Here is his bio straight from the site. 

Mark is the digital producer for the show, dreaming up ways to extend discussions on the show to the web and spark new conversations between ourselves, our listeners and guests via social media. He makes it his goal to give listeners a voice in editorial meetings. And yes, he really does read every one of your emails to the show.

He's worked for The A.V. Club, Madison's Isthmus weekly paper, and local alt-weekly Tone Madison, writing on beer, nerd culture, video games, film festivals, and the occasional op-ed on the economic value of reclining seats. He has formerly worked as a science communicator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Chicago, interviewing engineerscomputer scientists and Nobel laureate economists about their work and relating their discoveries to a mainstream audience.

In his free time, Mark dives into internet weirdness, plays with his two Boston terriers, and hangs out with his awesome wife — she gives him his best ideas

I met Mark at an after-party, and he immediately started to tear down my podcasting set-ups, chiding me for using a Blue Yeti and not having a mixing of course we were fast friends because I love when people at the top of their game confront me about that kind of thing. 

When I got back from the conference, I immediately asked Mark if he would be on the show, to which he agreed, and I brought him on to talk about how to make a podcast right. 

We play a fun game where he gives me the RIGHT equipment, and then I give you my dirty equipment set-up. 

Listen to this episode if you want to learn: 

  • The equipment you need, and may want, to make your podcast set-up sound professional. 
  • How to interview better
  • How to edit an interview so it sounds perfect
  • How tech will help us survive the COVID-19 pandemic 

And much more. 

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