Live @ LACC: Kickstarter vs. Self-funding with DJ Kirkbride and Mike Wellman

November 3, 2016

Last weekend I put together two panels for Los Angeles Comic Con. The first one I’ll post next week, but the last panel I put together was a rematch of the epic Self-Funding vs. Kickstarter panel Mike Wellman (co-creator of Guns A’ Blazin’; @macafro on twitter) and I had at Long Beach Comic Con. Usually, I don’t rehash old panels without getting new guests, but since this had a boxing feel, it only made sense to do a rematch.

While this was a very similar feel to our first panel, which you can listen to by clicking here, there was a lot of new information that we gave this time that we didn’t dive into last time. The questions that DJ Kirkbride (co-creator of the Biggest Bang and Amelia Cole; Eisner award winner for Popgun; @djkirkbride on twitter) asked were much different than the ones that Mary Bellamy asked in our first encounter.

We aren’t going to do this panel a third time, at least not for a while, but the combination of these two panels should give you all the information you need in order to figure out whether crowdfunding is right for you. What's great is we rambled about completely different stuff than we did last time, so between the two panels you get a really complete and robust picture of the indie creator landscape. 

I really appreciate how thorough Mike is in his points and how DJ kept us on track. Both of them truly cared about the topic and I appreciate that. 

If you want to get more information on crowdfunding, I’ve made a resource that contains everything I’ve ever written on the subject from podcast episodes to blog posts and I’ve even linked every Kickstarter campaign I’ve ever run. You can find my Kickstarter Toolkit by clicking here.

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