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The difference between complicated and hard

July 19, 2017

                This week I’ll be down at San Diego Comic-Con, and with all the hype around that event, I decided not to post an interview this week. I didn’t think it would be fair to any of our upcoming guests. So instead, I am doing something special. I’m giving you a sneak people inside my Facebook group, Writers and Authors Making Money Selling Books. It’s a completely free group I moderate that helps authors make more money by selling more books.

                This episode is the audio from a live video I did for the group about the difference between something being complicated and it being hard. It’s a really important concept I hear people confusing all of the time, and I wanted to clear it up for the group.

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                Listen to this episode if you want to learn:

-How to get off the fence and start doing the hard work of writing

-Why most advice is so complicated when it comes to making it as an author

-How simple the business side of writing really is

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