How to Make Comics with IDW writer and DC Inker Martin Dunn

January 26, 2017

Today on the show we have another crossover episode, and with it a new format; the Roundtable.

Man, new formats are kind of becoming our thing in the recent past, huh? We had Tyler James on to do a two-part episodes with his Comixlaunch show, and how we have on Martin Dunn to do a crossover with his show I Make Comics.

Martin is a comic creator who has been through the trenches as an artist, too. He’s written for IDW, Hashtag, and his own company CAE, and inked for both DC and Dark Horse books, among many others. Seriously, his Comic Vine resume is hefty. Here is the first part of his it, straight from Comic Vine.

Martin Dunn is a comic book Creator/Writer/Artist as well as a webcaster and Convention Panelist, from Tampa, Florida. He currently acts as Chief Creative Officer of CAE Studios. He has done work for CAE Studios, IDW Publishing, Hashtag Comics, Creature Entertainment and more. His body of work includes his creator-owned properties 'Joshua Black', 'Project: A.P.E.X.', '#IFightGhosts', and 'FETCH: An Odyssey'. as well as work on the Hashtag Comics series 'Carpe Noctem', and IDW Publishing's 'Star Mage' and 'White Chapel'.

This wasn’t much of an interview in the traditional sense, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t packed with value bombs. Martin has been around the block and back when it comes to making comics, and he’s definitely a lifer at this point. We talked a lot about what makes a lifer in this episodes, and it comes down to making it past that extinction point where others give up. If you can push through that pain and make it out the other side a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you.

This episode was more like a roundtable of two people who have been around the block talking about comics. It reminded me of a panel I did with Lee Kohse at Anime California about how to make it as an artist. There wasn’t a lot of structure, but there was a ton of value. Similarly, this episode didn’t have any real structure to it, and there really wasn’t a moderator. Instead, it was just two guys talking about cool stuff. We riffed off each other about making comics, conventions, and why you should always be nice to each other.

This is one of the longer episodes I’ve recorded recently, and it was nice not to be confined to the hour space I’ve been stuck with for the past year. I’m enjoying having a more free flowing experience to talk with people for longer or shorter than usual, but let’s be honest it’s always longer.

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