Talking Baseball and Business with Author Kirk McKnight

February 9, 2017


Kirk McKnight took his love of baseball and turned it into a writer career, writing a book called The Voices of Baseball: The Game’s Greatest Broadcasters Reflect on America’s Past time, where the game’s broadcasters talked about the majesty of each individual ballpark. He followed it up with The Voices of Hockey: Broadcasters Reflect on the Fastest Game on Earth, both published by Rowman and Littlefield.

I’ve never had a non-fiction author in the show before, and it was incredibly interesting to see how his process is different than many of the fiction authors and comic creators I’ve talked to before. It was interesting to see how he started as a film and TV writer, and eventually molded himself into writing non-fiction books when that didn’t work out. I mean, who does that sounds like?

It’s me. It sounds like me. And I’m sure lots of you.

With my first non-fiction book dropping later this year, it was interesting to hear Kirk’s experience as an author living in the space I will soon inhabit, and getting his tricks and tips on marketing a non-fiction book was invaluable to me.

Even if right now you don’t think that you will ever write a non-fiction book, I still think there is tons of value in this episode. I found a lot of value in how his insights helped me imagine leveraging the brands of the artists for my anthology, and how his tenacity could help me land a publishing deal for a new book.

There are tons of insights to glean from this episode. I hope you enjoy. If you so, check out Kirk’s books by clicking here, of find him on Twitter @thevoicesofmlb.

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